100.000 visits to tmap.net!

The 31th of march this year was a notable moment for the tmap.net site. On this day, the 100.000th visit to the tmap.net site was made since the introduction of the new site on the TMap Day on the 30th of October 2014. 100.000 times someone in the world of testing has had a question about testing or just wandered through the internet and stopped at tmap.net.

You might ask, what kind of people visited? What countries are they from? Well, they come from many different countries. 178 to be exact – Given the fact that there are about 196 countries in the world, a very large number. So you can imagine that from Bahrein to Botwana and from Jamaica to Japan people visit tmap.net.

Of course, the site in not as popular in some countries as in others. Since TMap is in origin a dutch method, a little more than 1/3 third of its visitors are from the Netherlands. But the top 10 is a very international company: 

Top 10 countries

And what are all these people doing on the site? Well, the most visited page is the homepage of course, the www.tmap.net page itself. But in the top-10 most visited pages are two download pages: the downloads page and the dutch downloads page are at place 2 and 4. So many people are looking for stuff that can support them in their everyday tasks, like templates for test plans and other test artifacts. Of course the tmap.net team takes this into account when thinking about new tools and knowledge for testers to add. 

The most popular wiki or building block page is the page of the product risk analysis(PRA), with the wiki about PRA at place six and the building block about PRA at page 10. The full top 10 of most viewed pages:

Nr. Page
1 Homepage
4 Dutch Downloads
5 Around TMap
6 Wiki PRA
7 TMap HD
8 Training
9 Building Block Test plan
10 Building Block PRA

And I know that the writers of the blogs will be interested in which blog is the most read, well, that is @rikmarselisblog on test types and test varieties.

Finally, you might want to know if the site has changed in this 1 ½ year period that is has been online. Well, it really has. In this one and a half year more than a hundred new pages has been added to the tmap.net site will all kinds of information. From a building block on usability  via many new test design techniques  to agile and scrum related methods like risk poker.

We can see that users appreciate the additions to the site. The number of visitors have been higher the last couple of months, both compared to the same month the year before as absolutely. March 2016 was the month with the most visitors in the history of tmap.net, even counting the month of the introduction of the site with all the publicity that went along with that. 

This just shows that there is always a need for more testing information and tools. If you have anything to contribute to the site please contact us at tmap@sogeti.com. It does not necessarily have to be content. All comments on existing content are welcome!