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Value by Design


Have you noticed the shift in attitude towards Quality in Agile teams?

"All poker chips" by Promoplay - Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Risk Poker


Planning poker is often used for agile approaches, such as scrum, in order to prepare an estimate relating to the size of the backlog items (for user stories for

Hammering home usability


Most people in IT know that usability has "something" to do with user friendliness or ease of use. But what exactly is that "something"?

PRBA: Risks and Benefits go together


Testers focus on risks. “No risk, no test”, right? Right! So when the project starts and you’ve done your orientation and defined your scope, you eagerly want to start your Product Risk Analysis.

How reviews can be a success


How often did you run into a structured, well organized and secured review process? Probably your answer can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Are we there yet?

When is the DoD done?


What do you think of Definition of Done items like “All source code has been reviewed” or “All user stories have been tested”? I think they are poor, to the point that they are useless …

Mr T

How T-shaped are you … ?


In an earlier post I warned for mini-waterfall in disguise, putting ‘cross-functional’ forward as a better term to describe team cooperatio


Multi-disciplinary? Cross-functional!


Do you also come across the term ‘Multi-disciplinary Teams’ more and more? And always as a kind of remedy for all organizational ills?

NPE's in the cloud

DTAP? ... NPE!


DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) is a real waterfall concept, since it represents the types of environments that

Building Block Bolognese


A Dutch poet, Riekus Waskowsky, once wrote a poem that translates to English like this:

Writing poetry is like cooking,


The shakedown test! (What?)


Last year, when I was in Australia, I visited a test team and one of the testers talked about the shakedown test. I hadn’t heard that one before (have you?).

TMap HD The Movie

TMap HD, the Movie


Sogeti in the Netherlands made a play of the first chapter of 'Neil's quest for quality', the TMap HD Story. 

Robot giving money

Test automation – cheaper then you think


Test automation is often perceived as  expensive or difficult. But it shouldn’t be. There is a lot of automation software that is easy to learn, cheap or even free to use.

Cat sees lion in mirror

A mirror for testers


The SogetiLabs team consists of a bunch of IT people with a wide variety of expertise and background. But due to the nature of our company testers are a significant part of it.


In search for lazy testers ...


Recognize this? It’s that time of the month again: time to regression test the monthly and quarterly batch jobs.


Test Levels? Test Types? Test Varieties!


When organizing testing, the test manager adhering to the traditional view on testing had to structure the testing activities in a hierarchical way, based on quality characteristics.

Building Blocks

The new testing: From recipe to building blocks


Stumbling with a pack of punch cards and then putting it back in the right order. That is an anecdote from one of my colleagues from the first generation of IT professionals.

Safety net

Create a safety net, not a hammock!


A well-known Dutch politician (Willem Drees) once said: “Social Security should be a safety net, not a hammock!” He might have been talking about software testing.