Here you can find specific examples of ways in which organisations approach their testing challenges. This is meant as inspiration for others who are encountering similar challenges. 

Testapproach End-to-end testing for Dutch Railways

The following document is supplied by the Dutch Railways. It is an example test plan in power point format. The content is based on a real life project but the names and content had been changed. It cannot be seen as a complete and correct image of the situation. This document is in Dutch.

From test strategy to test reporting at a large cable company

These two excel sheets help a large cable company with providing the link between test strategy, test approach, test planning and reporting about the progress of this plan. The document is in Dutch. 

The first document is the link from test strategy to test progress. There are three different tabs: 

1. Explantion

2. test strategy: Are we testing a specific part? and if so, which parts and quality attributes are we testing in which test level?

3. test planning: Is filled automatically from tab 1. The dependancies have to be filled in manually as well as the start date and the ready date. 

4. test progress: Here the progress is given in a percentage of the planning.These can be used in progress reports.

The next document is an example of how a weekly report would look.