A TMap® HD story

You want to know more about software quality? How quality can be build in the process of creating IT solutions? About the role of testing in this? About the elements that contribute?

Here is an innovative book in the TMap suite, containing a TMap Human Driven (TMap HD®) story. In an accessible way described, this book is mainly a business novel about Neil, an experienced project manager who accepts the challenge to start as a test manager in a running stellar project for the company ZBO. A company with a history, that is struggling to survive. He is personally invited by an old friend, Francine, the new IT manager at ZBO, because they worked together before and Francine expects that Neil’s skill will be needed. To overcome his lack of knowledge in his new role Neil is coached by a mysterious mentor Mr. Mikkel.  Neil is facing several challenges, that even puts his relationship with Danielle, his girl friend, at stake. When all seems to end well, the CFO, Rupert, intervenes. Business depends highly on ICT, so he demands reliable solutions. He needs confidence. How this ends can be read in the book.

Throughout the book, building blocks are inserted, that give in depth information on specific subjects concerning quality and test, building on the existing TMap® knowledge. Mr. Mikkels musings summarize a few times what Neil has learned. Some members of the Sogeti Innovation board contributed with their own musings.

All together this book will give you insight on how testing contributes in the process of creating reliable IT-solutions by applying 5 elements in a quality driven approach.