TMap Building Blocks

What are the TMap Building Blocks?

The TMap Buiding Blocks are process steps, documents or solutions that you can use for specific testing and quality challenges. For instance, “Product risk analysis” is the building block that can solves the challenge of gathering risks and assigning a risk class to them.

How can I use the building blocks?

The short answer is: in many ways. A building block always has some general characteristics – but the execution can be very diverse. For instance: there are many ways to do a “Product Risk Analysis”.

The way to use the building blocks is defined by the situation. For instance: in the TMap HD approach, the elements to applying the building blocks are:

  • Simplify – Apply the building blocks as simple as possible – but not more simple. In the PRA case this means to make sure that there are as little risks and risk classes as possible.
  • Integrate – Do not work on an island but work together with others as much as possible. For instance, the PRA can be combined with other risk analysis sessions such as an FMEA. Or with planning for business value such as a Product Risk and Benefit analysis.
  • Industrialize – re- use and use tools as much as possible. There are many tools (freeware and otherwise) to support a PRA session.
  • People: to be able to apply the building blocks in different ways- great people are needed. They have to be able to apply the different forms of the PRA and different circumstances and know what PRA technique applies best in those specific circumstances.

The goal of which is to induce the 5th element confidence.

The key is – use the building blocks in such a way that creates success in your specific situation.

What if I want to change a building block?

If you feel that your specific situation asks for a specific change in the building block feel free to make that change. If you feel that others might be helped by this specific change, it would be great if you could let us know. This way, we can incorporate it on the site and help other organisations. Feel free to contact us.

Which building blocks can I find?

The following building blocks are now available on

Classics From test strategy to test design Quality test varieties Tooling
Test manager Product Risk Analysis(PRA) Development quality Measures Infrastructure testing Test tools
Defect management Test Strategy Structured reviewing SAP testing Implementing Test tools
Assignment Test approaches Quality policy Performance testing Model based testing
Test organization Test design   Usability testing  
Test Plan Test design technique   Crowd testing  
Test environment Coverage type      
  Test Intensity Table      
  Exploratory testing      
  Experience based testing