Agile TPI NEXT now available in Japanese.


The fact that our Test Process Improvement (TPI) NEXT and Agile TPI NEXT model are getting more and more global, is proven again. Japanese colleagues at VeriServe Corporation, Tokyo, translated our Agile TPI NEXT model.

In the world of Quality Engineering, Sogeti is moving forward on the Agile Journey with tools that help companies to get the next insights. The Agile TPI (Test Practice Improvement) is the practice that supports companies starting their Agile Journey, supported by the Agile TPI tool. This model and our model Test Process Improvement (TPI) NEXT are getting more and more global! Japanese colleagues at VeriServe Corporation, Tokyo, were inspired by the Japanese translation of TPI NEXT and ventured on translating our Agile TPI NEXT model!

This is how Mariko Fujikawa of VeriServe Corporation explains it:

Recently in Japan, Agile Development is more and more popular than ever before, and the methodology for the Agile testing process has also become more important. Agile TPI is one of the most effective models that can be applied to this situation having been customized from TPI NEXT. However, it is not so popular in Japan because there is currently no Japanese translation.

VeriServe Corporation, the leading software quality and testing company in Japan, held an internal study group for TPI NEXT after its Japanese translation book was published in 2016. One of the topics was "How to customize and apply TPI NEXT in Agile hybrid situations for domestic customers of the BDTPI model", but there were few clients utilizing it at that time. Later on, we found the "Agile TPI" on Sogeti's homepage and started discussions for developing a translation. We also found that although TPI NEXT has the translation tool Agile TPI does not. As a result, we made contact with Sogeti and asked if we can upload the Japanese translated manual and tool that we used in our study group.

We hope this manual can help with understanding the contents and can become a chance for improvement in Agile. Finally, we would like to offer our special thanks to Eveline Moolenaars for this attempt.


Translation Agile TPI matrix and whitepaper: Mariko FUJIKAWA, Takashi YAMASAKI, and Ryuji MORI of VeriServe Corporation.

The Japanese section is available on the Agile TPI building block.

For organizations well under way in their Agile or DevOps transition, we are developing an Agile Quality Assessment. This assessment is focused on teams ánd organizations, their quality attribution and dependencies and on developing effective improvements an all organizational levels. More information will be available soon. 

Published: 8 July 2020

More info: VersiServe website


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