New book | Quality for DevOps teams

Quality for DevOps teams

Quality for DevOps teams - book launch

We have launched the latest book in the TMAP® Series - ‘Quality for DevOps teams’. 

Quality for DevOps teams

Launch date: 17 March 2020!

Co-authored by Rik Marselis (Principal Quality Consultant at Sogeti), Berend van Veenendaal (Expert Backend Developer at Sogeti), Dennis Geurts (Lead Software Architect, Sogeti, NL) and Wouter Ruigrok (Agile Quality Coach, DevOps Coach), the book provides insights to support cross-functional teams in the implementation of quality in their DevOps culture with practical examples.

Due to COVID-19 regulations the booklaunch took place during a live broadcast!

Quality for DevOps teams book launch

Almost 1000 viewers joined this online event.

Did you miss the live session you can watch the recording.

A recording of this broadcast is available here.

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Published: 17 March 2020

Author: Sogeti