IoTMap "Testing in an IoT environment"


This book provides insights in the essential elements that are needed to set up a complete test strategy for your IoT solution.


There has been an exponential increase in the number of connected devices world-wide.  This increase of connected devices has not only been driven by the decreased manufacturing costs of electronic components and communication channels in recent years, but also by the attempts of many enterprises to get sensible business intelligence from customers and their own systems that could optimize processes and increase revenue. The trend that devices are becoming more and more connected with each other, potentially forming a huge network of interconnected applications has become known as 'The internet of things'.

For example, let's introduce the so-called smart-thermostat which can be installed in your house. The thermostat can probe and manage the settings of the heating system in your house, send the data to a database in the cloud, which in turn can be presented to you on an app on your smartphone so you can remotely adapt the termperature of your house to your needs. Simultaneously, the energy company can use the colected usage profiles in the cloud to adept their energy output to be more energy and cost efficient. The heating system can even send out a signal that technical maintenance is needed so the energy company can make a suggestion for an appointment based on the available hours in your agenda.

Testing in an IoT environment

When devices and systems become interconnected in an 'Internet of things' environment, and communication takes place between countless devices/applications over several interfaces, thThis book provides insights in the essential elements that are needed to set up a complete test strategy for your IoT solution.e number of situations an IoT device can encounter increases exponentially. This does not only have impact on system design, but also on the test approach. In order to expand the 'TMap suite' into an IoT and High Tech domain, several test experts have composed the book "Testing in an IoT environment, IoTMap".

The book covers subjects such as:

  • The important role of the "Connect-Think-Talk-Act paradigm" (see picture below)
  • An explanation of "The IoT Tech Triad".
  • A test methodology to create your IoT test approach in 5 clear steps.
  • The possibilities and importance of 'Quick-Tech-Testing' and 'Test Automation' in an IoT solution.
  • Extension/creation of the existing TMap building blocks into the IoT domain:
    • Crowd testing
    • Exploratory testing
    • Artificial Intelligence and testing
    • Evolutionary algorithms
    • Statistical usage testing
    • End-to-end testing
    • Story telling
    • Interoperability testing
    • Testing of compliance to standards
  • Introduction to TEPS (TEsting for Physics and System).

Besides the abovementioned information, the book also provides checklists related to 'High Tech Test Automation' and TEPS to help you set up the ideal IoT test approach.

Testing in an IoT environment


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