Quality for DevOps teams

Quality for DevOps teams

The DevOps culture is the enabler for this way of high-performance IT delivery. But how do you deliver value with the right quality using DevOps?

Quality for DevOps teams

Deliver value with the right quality at speed. That's what organizations ask of their IT teams. To achieve this, IT people need to work closely together. Cross-functional teams of business analysts, developers, testers, operations people, and other involved areas of expertise, join forces to work towards business objectives. Collaboration is key. Collaboration between people that have shared responsibility and pick up the tasks that need to be done, based on competences and roles, no longer worrying about official functions.

Quality for DevOps teams - 3rd Edition

The DevOps culture is the enabler for this way of high-performance IT delivery, using an automated CI/CD pipeline to deliver at speed. But how do you deliver value with the right quality using DevOps? This book, and this website enable teams to implement quality engineering practices using our body of knowledge that contains various approaches, practical examples and concise explanations. We trust that teams will benefit from this and enhance their collaboration to deliver value to their stakeholders.

Aligned with the DevOps culture of IT delivery – where roles are important and functions are not – keep in mind that if in this book you see a term such as developer or tester, we refer to the role of a team member at a specific moment in time, not to a function.

We trust you will find value in this book and wish you success and joy in applying the contents in your daily work.


Edition Published Hard cover ePub Remarks
3 August 2022 Yes Yes We have improved various chapters and added content e.g. Software Bill of Material, Quality Engineering Strategy and Sustainability.
2 August 2021 No Yes The second edition of the ePub, which contains all improvements, is available on the website of the publisher and other online bookstores.
1 17 March 2020 Yes Yes

[Note to the first edition of the book]
A book about quality triggers feedback about improvements to the book. We carefully gathered all feedback and have created an erratum that you can use to update your own copy of the first edition of the book.

The short erratum contains 15 improvements that directly relate to subjects in one or more of the TMAP certification exams.

The full erratum contains all improvements ranging from typo’s to added definitions.

Do you want to learn more about how to apply the knowledge from this book and implement quality engineering in your situation? Then please have a look at the training possibilities on the training page!

To get an idea what the book is all about, you can download a free preview version. This preview version gives a good impression of what is in the book, it includes the table of contents and the index, but also the prefaces and chapter 1.

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