Knowing what SAP is, will help to understand how it relates to different IT-delivery models. Which model is commonly used in SAP projects; how does an SAP project look like? What can you expect when participating in any kind of SAP project?

This section contains the general descriptions of ERP systems and of SAP as a predominant example of ERP systems. What is making ERP (and SAP) so unique? Characteristics are shared of ERP ecosystems. And what actually is SAP, where is it used for. Examples of main business flows, modules and other SAP solutions will be described.

SAP is stimulating the SAP Activate methodology, a methodology to implement SAP solutions. In this sections Quality Engineering activities are plotted on the Activate methodology. Quality Engineering Activities which need to be organized to achieve the pursued business value.

Last element of this section is a brief introduction about the importance of authorization in SAP. How should it be tested, how complex is it and what are Role-based permissions in an SAP context.