SAP Infrastructure and tooling

Important within the SAP infrastructure is how to manage, execute, plan and follow up in end-to-end testing. There are 2 types of end-to-end testing, vertical and horizontal. What is the difference and how are they interconnected.

This section describes the content related to SAP infrastructure and tooling in relation to Quality Engineering. Important within testing SAP solution is the understanding of how SAP test data and the management of test data is impacting the quality and confidence of the solution. To support Quality Engineering we heavily rely on tooling. This can be tooling for Test Management activities as well as Test Automation activities. What are some key elements to consider when using or selecting tooling for supporting Quality Engineering. Important with SAP Quality Engineering is how to manage anomalies. What are anomalies within SAP context and who should be included for anomaly resolution.

To close this section, a brief introduction is given in Performance Testing in relation with SAP. Different types of Performance Tests are described.