SAP Quality Management


When there is clarity in which stakeholders are involved, it is important to know how to get and keep them onboard in the Organization Change. SAP transformation often go hand-in-hand with organization changes, what is the role of quality engineering in this process.

This section describes the content related to quality management for SAP. Organization who are using SAP solutions also have to deal with many stakeholders. This section will deep dive in the different kind of stakeholders involved in SAP organization (and even outside the organization). Some of these stakeholders have an important role in accountability and responsibility and other stakeholders are only there to be consulted or informed, therefor we explain the ARCI model.

The heart of SAP quality engineering and management starts with knowing where the risks are. The SAP Quality Risk Analysis will give information which processes are most at risk. With quality measures we can mitigate these risks and share information about the confidence for the pursued business value.

How is the SAP Quality Risk Analysis related to the SAP Test Strategy and Test Plan, what are typical quality gates in an SAP landscape and how does SAP test execution look like. Tips and tricks are shared for the key-users what to expect during test execution.

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