Topics plotted on the High-performance IT delivery models

DevOps is an example of a high-performance IT delivery model. The integration of QA & testing topics with this model is shown in below figure. The organizing topics are shown in the outer oval, the performing topics in the middle oval and the DevOps activities in the infinity symbol in the middle.

You can use this picture as is, or as a starting point and adapt this view to your own situation.

Topics plotted on High-performance IT delivery models

The topics are not directly related to the DevOps activities. Depending on the activity, you will see that one or more topics can apply to a specific activity. Just to emphasize it once again, these topics should be executed by the DevOps team as a whole, not only by a tester or the person with a testing role. In general, QA and testing topics are integrated with all DevOps activities and executed by all people involved. Quality is a team responsibility.

The table below shows how the topics can relate to the DevOps activities, it is meant as an example.

Just to get you started. You could fill out such a table during the DevOps "Plan" activity. And in the initial – first – DevOps "Plan" activity, this works very well for the organizing topics. Depending on the framework used, the first "Plan" activity is sometimes called sprint 1, or sprint 0. Of course, the content of an initially described topic can and will change after the lapse of time and be adapted to the changed situation.

example cross reference between topics and devops activities

This table only aims to provide insight into the relationships between topics and DevOps activities and is not intended to make detailed descriptions per combination of topic and activity. You can use it as a checklist to cover the topic.