Specific considerations for a CI/CD pipeline in SAP

Modern IT delivery teams strive to reduce the duration time of delivery of a change to a system to the minimum. For this reason, many tasks are preferably automated using a CI/CD pipeline. A CI/CD pipeline is a set of automated activities (using tools) that implements the Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) principle for specific capabilities that are required in the IT delivery process. For instance, when committing a change, a set of quality assurance checks is done, such as automated code review and the regression test cases are executed.

SAP can provide predefined CI/CD pipelines to automatically build, test and deploy your specific code changes and to speed up your delivery cycle. CI/CD can be achieved with a mix of tools both from SAP and others, for instance Azure DevOps.

SAP can provide various ready-made SAP CI/CD pipelines, for example an ABAP environment pipeline and a General Purpose Pipeline. And SAP provides a shared library with reusable step implementations to create customized pipelines.

CI/CD pipeline
Figure: Basic setup of a CI/CD pipeline