Test coordinator

The test coordinator leads a team of testers, test method experts, test tool programmers and/or test tool experts. The test coordinator is responsible for the planning, management and execution of the test process, within planning and budget and at the right quality, for at most one test level or test type. He reports conformable to the test plan on the progress of the test process and the quality of the test object. This function is active throughout the TMap life cycle.

Possible tasks

  • Creating, obtaining approval of and maintaining the test plan
    • Risk assessment and strategy determination
    • Creating planning and estimate
    • Specification of organisation and infrastructure
    • Specification of procedures and standards
  • Executing the test plan within planning and budget
    • Recruiting and assessing employees
    • Day-to-day coordination of test activities
    • Executing work distribution
    • Establishing plans
    • Monitoring progress
  • Leading internal consultations
  • Creating release advice
  • Participating in project meetings
  • Assessment of test process.

Required knowledge and competencies

  • Extensive experience in the implementation of the TMap life cycle and techniques
  • Experience as a team lead
  • Extensive knowledge about the deployment of test tools.
  • Comprehensive automation knowledge and experience
  • Good knowledge of system development methods
  • Knowledge of architectures and tools for system development
  • General knowledge of hardware, software and data communication resources.
  • General knowledge of the domain and the line organisation
  • Excellent contact skills and a motivating personality
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
Other roles

There are also roles that do not constitute positions in themselves. Think about e.g. Defects administrator, Domain knowledge expert, Test infrastructure coordinator or Test team leader. In practice other roles also arise. Roles may also be combined.

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