Test method expert

The test method expert is a specialist in being a tester. This can be with a special test type or level (acceptance or end-to-end test) or in a specific environment (web or real-time). He is experienced and fulfils a combination of executing and advisory roles in projects. He can also act as a team lead.

Possible tasks

  • The tasks as executed by the tester
  • Support in creating (detailed) test plans
  • Support in setting up the test organisation
  • Recruiting and assessing employees from test knowledge point of view
  • Executing work distribution and progress monitoring
  • Development and maintenance of test training
  • Teaching and coaching
  • Mediation for external training
  • Advice and support for the implementation of all types of test techniques
  • Advising the test coordinator
  • Collecting and assessing statistical data about testing.

Required knowledge and competencies

  • Extensive, expert experience in the implementation of the TMap life cycle and techniques
  • General knowledge about the deployment of test tools.
  • Comprehensive automation knowledge and experience
  • Expert knowledge and experience in system design and realisation
  • Knowledge of architectures and tools for system development
  • General knowledge of hardware, software and data communication resources.
  • Knowledge of the domain and the line organisation
  • Knowledge of project organisation and a project-based work approach
  • Creative, accurate and able to work on a strictly methodical basis
  • Good contact skills and a motivating personality
  • Good written and spoken communication skills.
Other roles

There are also roles that do not constitute positions in themselves. Think about e.g. Defects administrator, Domain knowledge expert, Test infrastructure coordinator or Test team leader. In practice other roles also arise. Roles may also be combined.

Information about the tasks and the knowledge and skills these and other roles require. Read more