Test tool programmer

The test tool programmer is responsible for the technical aspect of the automated test suite. A test suite is often built with tools for executing the test (see [Link {8.xml#8.5.3}section 8.5.3] "Types of test tools"). He translates the design of the test suite to modules in the test tool to be realised. In existing and new test tools, he realises the test suite. Within the framework of the instructions provided by the test tool consultant, the test tool programmer executes the detailed design, realisation and implementation of test suites.

Possible tasks

  • Realisation, testing, management and maintenance of a test suite
  • Providing support in the design of a test suite.

Required knowledge and competencies

  • Knowledge of (the possibilities of) tools for executing the test
  • Knowledge of automation of the test process.
  • Knowledge of system development methods
  • Knowledge of the architecture and tools for system development
  • Knowledge of hardware, software and data communication resources
  • Experience in structured programming (preferably in the programming language of the tool).
  • Good analytical power
  • Creativity and accuracy
  • The ability to learn using test tools quickly.
Other roles

There are also roles that do not constitute positions in themselves. Think about e.g. Defects administrator, Domain knowledge expert, Test infrastructure coordinator or Test team leader. In practice other roles also arise. Roles may also be combined.

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