TMAP Suite


TMap NEXT and TMap Suite were previous versions of TMAP. Below is a short history and links to today's training courses and certification.

TMap started in 1995 with the book "Testen volgens TMap" (in Dutch). A few years later this was translated to "Testing according to TMap". In the early 2000's the first certification training courses were organized and the first people received their TMAP certificate.

In 2006 the book "TMap NEXT for result-driven testing" was published and in 2007 the certification scheme was renewed to reflect the contents of this book.

In 2014 the book "Neil's quest for quality - a TMap HD story" was published. In 2015 the TMap Suite certification sheme was created to contain the still relevant parts of TMap NEXT and the new insights from working in an Agile mindset.

In 2020 the book "Quality for DevOps teams" was published, which is fully aligned with high-performance quality engineering & testing. Also in 2020 the new TMAP certification scheme was launched, based on this book. 

Quality for DevOps teams

The old TMap Suite training courses and certifications have been running in parallel with the new certification scheme for a while. In 2023 the TMap Suite certifications ends to exist, where TMap NEXT had ended before.

The new TMAP certification scheme, which consists of 3 different modules, will fit all people interested in a structured approach to quality engineering & testing. So if you are interested in TMAP training courses and certifications, please visit this page of the TMAP website, or go to the special website for the certification scheme (which is maintained by the certification & exam organization iSQI):