Webinar Quality for DevOps teams

What is quality engineering? And how does the TMAP body of knowledge support delivering “Business Value” and “Quality at speed”?

These questions are answered in the webinar “Quality Engineering with TMAP” based on the book Quality for DevOps teams.

Watch this video where Rik Marselis, Berend van Veenendaal, Dennis Geurts and Wouter Ruigrok, tell you all about IT delivery with high-performance cross-functional teams. In todays fast-moving world this must be supported by a well-set-up CI/CD pipeline that automates as many activities as possible. Also in this webinar-recording you will learn about the TMAP training courses and the spread of TMAP around the world.

Enjoy this video, and if you still have questions afterwards please don’t hesitate to contact one of the presenters.



Published: 11 June 2021