Methods and Books


Methods and books

TMAP is the body of knowledge for quality engineering in IT delivery of today and tomorrow.


TMAP is Sogeti’s prominent testing approach since 1995. Keeping up with changing businesses and technology, TMAP is the body of knowledge for professional testing of today and tomorrow. The building blocks of  TMAP give you all the guidance you need to meet the testing and quality challenges in your specific information technology environment.

Our books:


Quality for DevOps teams - 3rd Edition

Quality for DevOps teams

Deliver value with the right quality at speed. That's what organizations ask of their IT teams. To achieve this, IT people need to work closely together. Collaboration between people that have shared responsibility and pick up the tasks that need to be done, based on competences and roles. This book enables teams to implement quality engineering practices using our body of knowledge that contains various approaches, practical examples and concise explanations. We trust that teams will benefit from this and enhance their collaboration to deliver value to their stakeholders.

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Testing in the digital age

Testing in the digital age

Testing in the digital age brings a new vision on test engineering, using new quality attributes that tackle intelligent machines and a roadmap split up in five hops. With everything digital there are more possibilities for test automation and piles of (test) data growing out of control. Working together with robots (cobotics), using artificial intelligence in testing and eventually predict the occurrence of defects brings your testing to the digital age.

IoTMap "Testing in an IoT environment"

IoTMap - Testing in an IoT environment

IoTMap gives you insight into testing an IoT solution. With a layered IoT model as basis, five clear steps are defined to implement the IoT test strategy for your solution. The book hands you the building blocks supported by examples in order to fulfil your IoT test strategy.

A TMap® HD story

Neil's Quest for Quality - A TMap HD story

TMap® HD, a human-driven and quality-driven approach offers opportunities to improve software quality in these newly emerging circumstances.

Quality Supervision

Quality Supervision

Quality Supervision means taking care of controlling the quality of the application by practicing supervision across the entire lifecycle. Quality Supervision involves stimulating the right people to perform the right activities with the right information at the right moment in order to achieve the right result.

the PointZERO® vision

the PointZERO® vision

PointZERO® is a vision aimed at increasing business success by parallel and step-by-step improvement across the application lifecycle, to shorten time to market, avoid and reduce cost, eliminate risk, and reach fit for purpose quality.

TMap NEXT® in scrum

TMap NEXT® in scrum

How do you do that? In this book, we demonstrate how TMap can be integrated with the scrum approach to form one integrated agile approach. Experience has taught us that testing is not only an extremely important activity in a scrum approach. It has also stimulated our view that testing should be fully integrated in this approach in order to be as agile as possible.


TMap | Infrastructure

ICT infrastructure is the fundament of ICT. It is high time that the world of infrastructure professionalizes the tasks and activities, work in a more structured manner and, above all, start aiming at realizing the appropriate quality of our ICT infrastructure. TMap | Infrastructure should be regarded as a particularization of TMap NEXT®, specifically geared to the professional domain of infrastructure. After all, the realm of ICT infrastructure is a creative one in which structure must be applied in the right way to obtain success.


TPI® NEXT - Business Driven Test Process Improvement

If you have not started improving your testing process, now it is the time to begin, and, with the TPI® NEXT book at hand, it is now even easier to do so and to convince all of your stakeholders of its business value. But also, if you are already on the way to improving your testing process, a close look at Business Driven TPI will help you focus even more on the goal of improving your testing process, namely bringing business value to your organization!

Cloud testing

Testing on the Cloud (whitepaper)

This paper looks at how testing can be revolutionized through the evolving Testing Cloud models, outlines the potential benefits and evaluates the challenges, the services being developed and provides an outlook for Cloud Testing.

Testing Clouds

TMap NEXT® Testing Clouds

The cloud is a business model or platform on which testing must be carried out just like any other service. It enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. It is not only an IT opportunity, but a strategic business opportunity; it creates the ability to get the business in charge of IT and change from Information Technology (IT) to Business Technology (BT). And as the Cloud Era emerges, testing will change! Not only for information systems, but also for testing the infrastructure, cloud-enabled applications, and the ability to have instant deployable test infrastructure.

TMap NEXT® - End-to-end testing

TMap NEXT® - End-to-end testing

Chains are becoming longer and more complex all the time. The chance of faults keeps increasing while the importance of the chain's product grows. Testing chains is one of the ways to ensure the controllability of these risks. This book describes a total approach for end-to-end testing that takes the growing scope and complexity of chains into account.


TMap NEXT® - BDTM (business driven test management)

This book offers business and IT managers insight into the possibilities of exerting increased business control of the test process: Business Driven Test Management (BDTM). The concept of BDTM prioritises the result and gives the client of the test process (whether a business or IT manager) the ability to manage the risk coverage, lead time and cost of the test process in both the planning and the execution phases.

TMap NEXT® - For Result-Driven Testing

TMap NEXT® - For Result-Driven Testing

TMap offers the tester and the test manager guidelines to deliver results for the client. Through the years, TMap evolved into a de facto standard for testing information systems. It is currently implemented in hundreds of companies and institutions all over the world. The power of TMap can be largely ascribed to the many experiences from actual practice that it incorporates. This makes the book a valuable tool for current and future challenges in the field of testing.