Test manager

What is a test manager?

Is a test manager a building block? It is not a process step – but a role in the testing process. However, assigning a test manager is in many situations the first step in solving a testing problem. Assign someone else to solve the problem. The test manager is hired to solve the problem of organizing testing. 

However, how the problem is solved, depends very much on the situation. The test manager can have totally different actions, responsibilities and tasks in different situations. That is why for more information we refer you to the building blocks “Test manager in Traditional environments” and “Test manager in Agile environments”.

We use “test manager” as a generic term. In practice you can find many different terms that refer to this role, for example “test coordinator”, “test leader”, “project leader testing”, “test director” and many more. Sometimes these terms refer to different levels in the organization, for example when several test coordinators are subordinate to a test manager. We advise to always make a clear definition of the role and the responsibilities in your specific situation.

People Involved

The test manager is the only person involved in this role.


The artifacts that go with a test manager depend very much on her or his situation, but in general the main artifact is some form of test plan and keeping track of that plan.

Success factors

The success factors of a test manager are quite diverse. However, they include:

  • To build trusting relationships with their staff.
  • Improve the capabilities of the testing group.


Test manager in traditional environments     Test manager in Agile environments