TMAP evolution

TMAP is a body of knowledge for quality engineering in IT delivery. The strength of TMAP can be largely attributed to the considerable practical experience that is the basis for the body of knowledge. This experience comes from thousands of IT professionals in as many projects over the last twenty-five years.

TMAP was created in 1995 and back then mainly contained a process description for testing. Over the years, TMAP has evolved from process-driven, business-driven and human-driven to a body of knowledge with which quality assurance & testing activities can be integrated in all IT delivery models. The body of knowledge contains a wide range of approaches, good practices, techniques and tools for organizing and performing of activities related to quality assurance and testing of IT systems.

Today we use TMAP as a term on its own, rather than a meaningful abbreviation. For this reason TMAP is now written with four capital letters.

TMAP website

The TMAP body of knowledge is easily accessible on this website. There are also numerous books available in the TMAP series. Books are static, IT delivery landscapes are changing faster and faster. We therefore aim to keep the website up to date. You can find most of the content of our  books on this website, as well as many in-depth explanations, additions to the content of our books and up-to-date overviews of relevant tools. In addition, the quality assurance & testing topics are worked out for other IT delivery models.

In summary, our books are supportive of the website, which is constantly updated and adapted to changed IT delivery landscapes and new insights.

We wish you a lot of useful insights and good luck with applying TMAP knowledge in your situation.

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