SAP Testing

What is SAP Testing?

SAP testing is the test approach for testing the ERP software made by the German software developer SAP. This approach has a generic setup so that it can be translated quite easily to other ERP solutions.

People involved

Like many other ERP packages, SAP is linked to all integrated business processes. The continuity of the business processes is assured by testing intensive and thus to determine whether an implementation or upgrade can be put into production successfully. The approach of SAP testing here is therefore not in outline different from other ERP packages. A structured approach and standard set of test techniques described in TMAP can be used by an experienced test professional.

Authorizations, customization, interfacing (both SAP internal and external) and conversions are parts that are often mentioned as components that make SAP so unique. Standard SAP does not exist, it is always configured for the specific organization business needs with their own characteristics.

An SAP process with minor configuration can be validated with less testing. However, validating heavy customized SAP business processes must be tested more thoroughly. Eventually validation of the end-to-end processes (SAP and non-SAP) is critical to validate if all integrations and business process seamlessly work together. This is required to create confidence in the pursued business value (VOICE model).

These are the main stakeholders most involved in testing and implementing new or modified versions of SAP systems and are involved in the acceptance process:

  • Functional SAP consultants
  • Key Users
  • Application Management/ Maintenance
Important skills of an SAP Tester
  • Knowledge of SAP is essential, as non-changed but relevant functionality is never described in functional and/ or technical designs.
  • Understanding the data structure within SAP, and additionally creating or retrieving and using test data is an extra challenge in SAP environments.
  • Knowledge and experience of (SAP) Test Management and Test Automation Tools are of great value for each test professional in an SAP project.
  • Knowledge of specific and relevant test techniques which apply the best in an SAP environment.
  • Management of the SAP anomaly processes.
  • Being able to distinguish the differences between anomalies, enhancements, and standard SAP.
  • Stakeholder management